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The High Country Special was a promotion that Ford ran from 1966-68.  The
mustangs came in three special colors; timberline green, columbine blue, and
aspen gold.  All came with special emblems that dealerrs were free to mount
where they wanted.  Only 333 were produced for the 1966 model.  They were
only sold in Colorado, Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska.  The following
information came from various web sites, mustang magazines, and my personal

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This car was origonally purchased
on October 22, 1966 at Phil Long
Ford, in Colorado Springs, CO. It
is a 289 manual, parchment interior.

and is Timberline Green:
(Ford Paint# MX7041278)
(Dupont #76358-H)

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This is an article
from the Jan. '97
issue of

about a restored
'66 Timberline
Green in Denver.

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These are various
advertisements for
the HCS. I colorized a
few of them.  The
Phil Long ads were
from the July 22, 1966
issue of The Free Press

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Cover of Mileposts, July-
August, 1967

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Sept-Oct 1967 cover of

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The '66 HCS were
produced in San Jose, CA
and all 333 were shipped
by train to the Colorado/
Wyoming/Nebraska markets.
The August, 199 issue of the
Green Light - the Denver &
Rio Grande Western Railroad
Newsletter had a story about
the transport.
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I believe these pictures were
all taken at the 1998 Mustang
Round Up in Steamboat

Springs, Colorado.
The HCS below was just parked
on the side.. it had been repained
a different gold color.
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I believe these are pictures of Jay
Palmrose's HCS.
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Jay's Restoration Project?

Various Window Stickers,
and misc. graphics.
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Steve McQueen in Bullit
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